SensorDrops Networks.

Connectivity for Continuity

We provide integrated IoT-based sensing, monitoring, and control solutions. We focus on the healthcare, industrial, power, and agricultural sectors for providing IoT-based sensing and monitoring of various field-related parameters by individually addressing the challenges specific to both of these domains. Our company aims to provide economical, sustainable, and inclusive solutions for these domains.

Our IoT Systems.

A connected world, allowing you to sense, monitor, and take decisions from the comfort your chair, that too, at a cost, which is easy enough to forget in the long run, especially considering the massive benefits and returns for your businesses and operations.


The next generation in portable IoT-based healthcare monitoring. Power-packed with features for quick and robust human vitals monitoring.



The future in portable IoT-based healthcare monitoring. Low-power, wireless and reconfigurable wearables for easy and on-demand deployments.



The next-generation digital stethoscope enables remote connection between doctors and patient's over the network through visualization and audio outputs.



Low-power and low-form-factor IoT-based monitoring solutions for industries. Retrofitting old machines to update them to modern standards towards Industry 4.0 compliance.



An IoT-based add-on technology for monitoring of equipments in high voltage switching and distribution installations in the electric generation and supply industries.

Coming Soon


An IoT-based pick-and-place solution for enabling precision farming. The low-power and low-cost systems are easy to use and foster inclusiveness for rural economies.


About Us.


Our Credentials

We are a Department of Industrial Policy and Planning (DIPP) registered start-up, which is incubated at the Science and Technology Entrepreneurs' Park (STEP) at IIT Kharagpur, W. Bengal, India. Our start-up is also recognized by Govt. of India's Startup India initiative. We are also registered with MSME (Govt. of India). We have recently signed an MoU with Nokia Technologies Oy, Finaland at an innovation partner.

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1A/2, Science and Technology Entrepreneurs' Park (STEP)
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Kharagpur, West Bengal
India, 721302
E-mail: sensordropsnetworks@gmail.com